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Outdoor Safety

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Outdoor Safety

Power Line Safety

  • Stay clear of overhead and exposed underground electrical lines at all times. Never attempt to repair lines yourself.
  • Don't get near electrical lines when making home improvements such as roofing, painting, or replacing siding. Contact us at (361) 573-2428 if you need to perform any work around these lines.
  • Trees conduct electricity; avoid contact with them if they are making contact with any part of the electrical distribution system. Call VEC if you have trees touching lines and equipment at your home.
  • Never attempt to remove kites, tree limbs, or other objects from power lines. Contact us to remove the object safely.
  • If you are going to be working within 10 feet of any overhead electrical lines, contact the Utilities Protection Center, Inc. at 811 or online at and give them your name and address. They will notify VEC to assess the needs for your safety.
  • Never allow children to climb into trees where power lines run through the limbs.

Underground Electrical Transformers

  • Underground transformers are not toys. Never allow your children to play on them.
  • If you notice an underground enclosure of any type damaged, moved, or leaking oil, call VEC immediately at (361) 573-2428.
  • Never open the lid or doors of any underground enclosure. If the cover is open, or the lock removed or damaged, call VEC immediately at (361) 573-2428.
  • Electrical lines terminate in the transformers, so our linemen need clear access to perform maintenance. Never plant shrubs or flowers around the transformer.
  • Call before you dig. If you have underground electrical lines feeding your home, contact the Utilities Protection Center, Inc. at 811 or online at and give them your name, address, and area location where the excavation will take place. Your underground lines get marked for your protection.