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Products offered to members at VEC:


Marathon Water Heaters


Meter Loops



Marathon Water Heaters


VEC sells Marathon Water Heaters from Rheem. These water heaters are guaranteed not to leak for as long as you own your home!


  • Energy Saving Pipe Wrap Kit - reduces heat loss through plumbing lines

  • Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve - factory installed

  • Watertight Grommets - keeps out overhead moisture and condensation

  • Seamless Molded Non-metallic Inner Tank - won't rust or corrode

  • High-tech Heating Elements - upper element with built-in fuse protects tank against "dry fire"; bottom element is long-life, low-watt density, stainless alloy

  • Polyethylene Other Jacket - resists dents and scratches during transit, installation and beyond

  • Filament-wound Fiberglass Tank - unmatched strength

  • Recessed Drain Valve - does not get in the way of brooms, feet and ankles

  • "Green Power" Ready - ready for use for "thermal storage" with geo-thermal heat pumps, solar and "Green/Renewable Energy"

Click here to view information regarding unit models, gallon capacity and pricing*.

*Please note that rebates will only be offered on 40 gallon sizes and above.

Please visit Marathon Water Heaters for additional product information.





GenerLink is a new product that makes connecting a portable generator easy and safe! The five-inch device is installed behind your electric meter by VEC. When a portable generator is connected to GenerLink and started, GenerLink automatically disconnects your home from the electric grid, preventing the possibility of back feed, which can damage equipment and potentially harm utility personnel.

GenerLink on Meter


  • Peak rating sufficient to start the largest motor you will be running during an outage

  • Automatic voltage regulator

  • 'Low oil' shut down

  • 1420, 1430 or 1450 locking receptacles for connecting to GenerLink


Product Number

Product Type



Non-Surge 30 amp



Surge 30 amp



Non-Surge 45 amp



Surge 45 amp



Note: A standard 20' cord is provided with product. Extra feet can be added to the length of the cord for an additional fee.

Warning: Please refer to GenerLink specifications as the product is not compatible with all generator output receptacles.


Please visit GenerLink for additional product information.




Meter Loops


Meter Loops are offered to our members at a discounted rate. See chart below:






100 AMP 15' Meter Loop



100 AMP 20' Meter Loop



200 AMP 15' Meter Loop



200 AMP 20' Meter Loop



- Add taxes to amounts above

* Instock Items

** Order Items (Can have it in two to three week on average), Pre Paid, Special Order, Non Refundable, Non Returnable

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