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Be Prepared

At VEC, we’re committed to delivering safe, affordable, and reliable electricity to our members. Sometimes there are situations beyond our control such as storms, traffic accidents, equipment failures, and damage to power lines. When one of these events occurs, we work to restore power as quickly as possible.

In addition to preparing for these events, we must also plan for unusual situations where shortfalls in energy supply or transmission could affect an entire region. Rest assured that, although the risk of occurrence of these emergency situations is low, that we have contingency plans in place to handle them.

We know being without power is inconvenient, and sometimes dangerous, and we’re committed to providing early alerts and quick responses. To enable Victoria Electric Cooperative linesmen to restore power faster, turning off your AC/heat to reduce cold load pickup helps reduce the overall load of electricity as well as turning on one outside light that helps to confirm power is restored, letting them complete work quicker. This makes for a safe environment and faster restoration of power!

In Emergency Call 911

To report an electric outage call (361) 573-2428.

For outage information or updates please call our electric outage Hotline at (361) 582-5555 or Follow Us on Facebook.

How You Can Report an Outage


Infinium Internet Outages

Are you having trouble with your Infinium internet service or experiencing an internet outage? Click the button below for troubleshooting tips or call (361) 582-5550 to report an Infinium internet outage.

To report an internet outage call 361-582-5550.

For internet outage information or updates please call our Internet Outage Hotline at 361-582-5554 or Follow Us on Facebook.