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February 16, 2021

As of this morning we still have approximately 9,000 members without power. Crews continued to work through the night restoring power as fuses and equipment failed due to the temperatures and the rolling outages. Member Services representatives answered phones throughout the night as will and will continue to do so today.

The state remains under the ERCOT Energy Emergency Alert Level 3 which means we are limited to the load we are able to bring online. Currently of VEC’s 55 circuits, 27 are out at any one time as a result of the mandated rolling outages. VEC currently has one circuit out in Port O’Connor that is equipment related which we are attempting to restore right now and another circuit out of the Port Lavaca substation that South Texas Electric Cooperative is working to restore at this time.

We anticipate the situation will improve across the state today as the temperatures begin to increase.

With rolling outages it can be difficult to differentiate rolling outages from actual outages. As a result, if you have been without power since 3 a.m. this morning, please call into the office.

Thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time.

February 15, 2021

UPDATE:  We continue to receive questions regarding whether member outages are a part of the rolling blackouts or an actual outage and honestly it is a mixture of both. Last night and earlier today, longer outages were experienced in an effort to repair outages caused by the ice, wind and loading of the VEC electric distribution system in order to reduce future outages. We cannot trouble shoot outages without electricity. Since then, individual outages have been reduced dramatically with currently approximately 500 meters remaining out mainly due to overloaded fuses due to the increase in demand of electricity of the nearly 24,000 meters across the distribution system with the remaining 8,000 due to the rolling blackouts.

Unfortunately, as the state’s generation capacity decreases the requirement for rotating outages mandated by ERCOT increases. This is due to ERCOT reporting that 34,000 MW of power generation is currently offline. Currently VEC is rolling through our 55 circuits with approximately 20 circuits off at any given time and we have received notification that the number of circuits included in in the rotation at any given time will need to increase through the night.

We understand this is frustrating and our personnel will continue to work through the night to minimize individual infrastructure outages. We appreciate your patience during this unprecedented time.

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